Looking for creative ways to grow the relationship with your horse?
One of the biggest factors for growth in any endeavor is how creative we can be.

Musicians are trying to write a new song that allows them to express themselves.

Writers search for ideas and insight that will entertain people as they read.

Dancers strive to put together choreography that no one has ever seen before.

The common element in all of these artistic endeavors is creativity.

Horsemanship is no different. It is an artistic expression that we can explore within the relationship with a horse.

Our goal for the Online Video Library is to help you develop your own sense of artistic expression.

That’s why we have researched, studied, developed, tested, and honed the Cooler Horsemanship program so that it can be teachable to both horses and people.

The Cooler Horsemanship Online Video Library is designed give you structure that provides clear guidance…Yet enough flexibility that you can experiment with your own creative ideas and find your own artistic expression.

As a member of the Online Video Library, you will get access to all of our video courses, covering a number of different topics, including our Three Stages of Development.
How does the Cooler Horsemanship program actually work?
My parents started developing the program when I was still a young kid.  

Even back then, the goal was to figure out how to have a stronger sense of connection and communication with our horses.  

Kate and I began carrying on it's development in 2005. 

The result of our effort, studying and learning from our experiences with horses and their owners was the concept of 3 stages of development:

     - Foundation Stage of Development
     - Freedom Stage of Development
     - Focus Stage of Development

In the videos below, I talk briefly about all 3 stages of development, and what we are trying to achieve within each one. 
Foundation Stage of Development
Freedom Stage of Development
Focus Stage of Development
But we didn't stop there.

Horsemanship can be a vast subject.  So to simplify people who are trying to solve a specific problem, we created the following video courses in case that is the scenario for you:
  •  Horse Psychology
  •   Young Horse Development
  • Colt Starting
  •  Behavioral Issues
  •  Challenge Horses
  •  Our Horses
But that's not all...

When you join, you'll have access to the following:
  •  E-Books that Help Guide You on Your Journey
  •  BONUS Training Trackers to Track Your Progress
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Members Only
  •  Access to More than 300 Videos with over 100 hours of footage
  •  Much More Information than a DVD Set
  •  Continual Addition of Our Latest Information
  •  Videos that Capture Real Situations
  •  Videos that Will Keep You Inspired
Billie Ayers - Online Video Library Member and Student Since 2015
"It’s like having a clinician in your pocket every day.  The web videos are easy to call up on your phone while riding for clarification.  The difference between Cooler Horsemanship and other commercial clinicians is that you are not glossing through the motions and just moving onto the next movement.  James takes the time to instruct you on understanding the psychological aspects as well as on reading and feeling a horse’s body language to build a well-informed training program that truly complements your horse’s personality.  If you cannot work directly under a trainer or experienced horseperson, this is the next best thing. 

"If you get the chance to go to a Cooler clinic, I recommend for a few extra dollars to sign up for a month of videos beforehand.  You’ll greatly benefit because the freedom of the information given is outstanding.  There are no extra fees or extra videos to buy later it is all there for you instantly if you are willing to put in the work. 

"As for the clinics themselves, James is very good at individualizing each rider in a clinic, pinpointing where they are and where they need to go next.  I’d recommend his clinics and videos to riders and auditors alike."
For only $12/month, it's one of the most cost effective investments you can make when it comes to your relationship with your horse!
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Still on the fence?  
Here's a fun video that's a sample of how we work to keep students inspired!
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