Join me for the next one year and let me help you advance your horsemanship.
About the Cooler Horsemanship"Concepts in Connection" Video Course
Horsemanship isn't just a subject that we try to's an art form that we try to share.  

That art form is expressed through the level of connection we have with our horses.

That's why we have named this video course "Concepts In Connection".

Our goal is to help you develop a more meaningful and effective way of communicating with your horse.  

Connection cannot happen without Communication that is effective.

We will be filming this project for one year, bringing you all of the concepts that we apply in the Cooler Horsemanship Program.  

These are the concepts that allow you to achieve a truly authentic level of connection with our horses.  

It takes one year for the average person to build a meaningful relationship with a horse.

But that is only with quality guidance, unique inspiration and dedicated effort.  

Join me on this journey, and you will discover exactly how to interact and connect with your horse in a truly genuine fashion.

I guarantee this video will take your horsemanship experience to a whole new level!
Over the next 1 year, we will be covering all three Stages of Development within the Cooler Horsemanship Program
Core Fundamentals
The Ultimate Connection
Advanced Riding
This is truly a unique opportunity
Transform your horsemanship with the insight into the steps we use for the Cooler Horsemanship Training Plans
Your only as good as the effort you put into growing.  Finding quality information is one of the fastest ways to enhance your growth in any endeavor. 

The wealth of information we will be bringing you in this video course will open doors that allow you to achieve the results you have always hoped for in the relationship with your horse.

The video series works on mobile devices.  This means you can watch them anytime, anywhere...even when you are with your horse!

Purchase today, and receive our initial launch price of $19.99!  

The price will be going up as we add more lessons over the coming weeks, so don't miss out!

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